Welcome beautiful creative! I'm April the #CreativeMomista and multi-passionate dreamer of 2 boys + Texas country girl + crunchy mama + blogger + freelance branding and social media strategist. I am obsessed with creativity + individuality + authentic conversations + horses + fuzzy socks + peppermint anything + coffee + the color red. Its an honor to have you here! Below you will find a FREE passion planning and goal setting guide - my gift to you, my quick story and my Mompreneur Musings blog filled with tips to help you use your story to build an authentic online brand and content marketing strategies for your small business.


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My journey in entrepreneurship started in 1999 when I fell into the world of entrepreneurship via the direct sales industry. I left the industry in 2014 (and never looked back!) and I now strive to support other women and mompreneurs in their own journey of business ownership while sharing my personal struggles and lessons learned over the years. The world is a noisy one that can leave us feeling less than and doubting our worth. With so many experts and gurus trying to convince us that hustling more and making short term sacrifices that are not aligned with our core values will drive more results, I believe good things come from being more intentional, paving our own path from finding what best works for our lifestyle and family while not sacrificing the things we love or the people we love.

I believe a simple but creative meaningful approach to life, mompreneurship and business leads us to be more fulfilled while at the same time creating more success. 


Community. Connecting with + serving others gives me a huge sense of fulfillment.
Passion. I can't say yes to everything. If something doesn't give me goosebumps, if I can't say "Hell YES!" with that much passion + fire behind it, I know the answer needs to be a firm "NO". 
Being Intentional. I don't want to just exist out of habit. I want to live with intention. To thrive.
Honoring God in all that I do. To serve others with grace, love and compassion. 
Authenticity. I believe that being 100% true to ourselves is the true foundation for success in life + business. Uniqueness is our greatest asset + superpower. 
Success comes with responsibility. The more successful we are the more responsibility we have to give back and to serve others. 

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me and what drives my passion + purpose. Below you will find access to my Mompreneur Musings blog where I strive to pack as much free value into every post as possible and other resources to help creative women + moms in business convey their unique story across social media through authentic branding and creative content marketing. xo



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